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Warbird Air Adventures Melbourne is your chance to live the fighter pilot dream. Our powerful WW2 style prop fighter aircraft will have you pulling over 4 times the force of gravity at speeds over 300 km/hr in real life dogfighting manoeuvres. Experience what it feels like to be a fighter pilot in a high powered military aircraft. Feel the thrills of high speed, high ‘G’ dogfighting manoeuvres with this adrenalin-pumping aerobatic warbird flight.

Choose between a single Adventure Flight for advanced aerobatic manoeuvres or go head to head with a two aircraft in full on Combat Flight!

Strap yourself in to the cockpit of a genuine ex-military aircraft for some adrenalin pumping action. Experience the thrill of flying like a fighter pilot for the day. Loop the loop, barrel roll, spin, hammerhead, stall turn and more.

Gift Vouchers available simply call 0415 919 646 or simply select desired flight and book online.


Like the idea but sound a little too G-force for you? No problem, Warbird Air Adventures tailors each and every trip to suit our passenger’s preferences. From pushing the boundaries, flying at over five times the force of gravity, upside down (!), to cruising the coast on a scenic charter taking in Bells Beach, Torquay and the Great Ocean Road, we do it all. We will create the dream pilot experience for you and your loved ones in our customised aerobatic flights Melbourne.

Speaking of, how about a gift voucher? This is the ideal present and is valid for up to 12 months. A Warbird Air Adventures flight will have them grinning for weeks. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a customer had to say: “I would rate this experience 10/10! Was the absolute best and have been recommending it to everyone I know!” Gift vouchers can be booked for all tastes and budgets, from the Beach Cruiser to the Brave.

Warbird Air Adventures offers two main types of aerobatic flights Melbourne: aerial adventures for the adrenaline seeking thrill riders and coastal flights for passengers wanting to explore the sights with a spirit of adventure.

What’s included? Professional pilots and customised flight experiences aboard a classic fighter plane. Flights start at $315 for a 15-minute aerobatic adventure and go to $645 for a 30-minute, jaw dropping Top Gun experience. Scenic coastal cruise flights start at $335 for 25-minutes and go to $505 for a 45-minute journey, covering over 100km of Australia’s most stunning coastline.

Who can do it? Pretty much anyone; no particular level of experience or fitness is required (however, people who suffer from heart conditions should consult a doctor before booking). Due to cockpit size and plane requirements, the maximum height of participants is 6 foot 4 inches, maximum weight is 130kg.

What to bring/wear? Bring yourself and a sense of adventure! Wear loose, comfortable clothes (it can get warm in the cockpit) and sturdy, enclosed shoes (no high heels).

Warbird Air Adventures Melbourne has highly qualified pilots and an impeccable safety record with more than 2,000 satisfied customers. To book your aerobatic flight Melbourne, contact us today on phone 0415 919 646 or email info@warbirdairadventures.com.au


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