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Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne makes dreams happen. Our joy flights are tailored to suit your budget and bucket list, from a 15-minute adrenaline pumping aerobatic adventure, to a 45-minute scenic cruise along Victoria’s stunning Surf Coast, that’s what we can deliver and more.

Our flights are taken in a powerful, prop driven fighter aircraft that has the looks and style of a WWII movie star and the power to push you more than 5 times the force of gravity. Our pilots are highly qualified professionals, with thousands of hours experience.

Our company has an impeccable safety record with more than 2,000 logged adventure flights Melbourne, Cairns and Townsville. We are based at Barwon Heads Airport, 90km from Melbourne, on the Surf Coast of Victoria. We love what we do and so do our customers:

“Excellent experience. Great fun. Well organized and well run. It was just a perfect all round day. Loved the whole flight from the moment we left the ground until we touched down again…Highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking this adventure.” – Mika.

Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne – The Plane – NANCHANG CJ-6A

Engine: 9-cylinder supercharged radial 10.5 litre 285 hp @ 2,350 rpm
Weight: Maximum take off weight 1,400 kg
Fuel: 150 litres in two wing tanks 2.5 hrs endurance @ 60 litres per hour
Structure: All aluminium alloy stressed skin monocoque rated to +6G and -3G
Maximum level speed: 155 kts (290 km/h)
Maximum dive speed: 194 kts (360 km/h)
Landing speed: 75 kts (140 km/h)
Operating ceiling: 17,000 ft (5,200 m)
Range: 500 km with reserves

The Nanchang CJ-5 was manufactured at the Nanchang Aircraft Factory (China) from 1954 – 1958. The original design showed deficiencies for jet pilot training. As such, a number of modifications were made, including adding a retractable undercarriage and revising the wings to have prominent dihedral. More modifications were made and in 1961 the CJ-6A (the Warbird Air Adventures model) was approved. Mainstream production commenced the following year.

This model features a 285hp Quzhou Huosai HS6A engine, giving maximum power. An armed version was produced from 1964-1966 featuring a 300-hp HS-6D engine. In total, more than 1800 of these planes were produced and exported around the world to places including Albania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia. Production of the CJ-6A ceased in June 2011, replaced with the updated CJ-7 available only to the military.

Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne – Book Direct – LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE

Warbird Air Adventures Melbourne guarantees the lowest price by booking direct. We will match any discounts or special offers available on other online booking websites. Just call us, mention the offer and we will beat that sucker!

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What’s Included

  • Breathtaking low-level coastal flights over some of the most picturesque coastline in Australia
  • Professional pilot with a one on one customised experience. Each flight is unique for us too!
  • A High Definition DVD of your flight is also available for purchase on the day for an additional cost

What to Bring/Wear

  • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn as it can get quite warm in the cockpit
  • Wear sturdy, enclosed shoes – no high heel

Fitness and Experience

  • No particular level of experience or fitness is required.
  • There are also height and weight restrictions on this one as there is limited room in the cockpit: Maximum height is 6 foot 4 inches and maximum weight is 130kg
  • Minimum Age of 12 years old (with Parent / Guardian consent)