Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne

Aerobatic Adventure Flights

Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne gives you the chance to ride in a powerful prop driven fighter aircraft, just like the aces of yesteryear. Our Nanching CJ-6A is a stunning WWII era fighter craft. It has movie star good looks and a powerful engine, which can take you from 0 to 300km/h in under 5 seconds.

Single Adventure Flights are fully customisable to your desires, we start off the manoeuvres gently and work our way up increasing in G force and difficulty as we go. You are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through all the manoeuvres. The Warbird Adventure Flights can be had mild to wild, it’s absolutely up to you.

Customise your aerial adventure to suit your interest and budget. We have something for everyone from an adrenaline pumping aerobatic adventure to a stunningly scenic coastal cruise. Some details below.


Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne Testimonials

Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne will leave you stunned and amazed. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a customer had to say: In a word – awesome! What an experience! From the calming professionalism of Anatole the pilot, constantly checking with me to make sure I was OK and enjoying the experience – to the amazing aerobatic maneuvers, G forces and incredible views. I was initially nervous about being sick or passing out – but once I was up there I was too busy enjoying the ride. What an incredible feeling of freedom – Anatole you have the best job in the world mate! A great gift from my wife and an incredible experience for anyone’s bucket list! This is something that I am so glad to have done (I’ll be back!). Thanks guys! Awesome.”


Did someone say gift vouchers? Warbird Adventure Flights Melbourne offers a range of gift vouchers, which are valid for up to 12 months. They can be posted direct or emailed for that last minute surprise! Vouchers can be redeemed any day of the week, at a time that suits the individual.

Warbird Air Adventures Melbourne has highly qualified pilots and an impeccable safety record with more than 2,000 satisfied customers. To book your Warbird Adventure Flight, contact us today on phone 0415 919 646 or email info@adventureflightco.com.au

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What’s Included

  • The best high G-force warbird flights Melbourne
  • Professional aerobatic pilot with a one on one customised experience. Each flight is unique for us too!
  • A High Definition fully edited multi-cam video of your flight is also available for purchase on the day for an additional cost

What to Bring/Wear

  • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn as it can get quite warm in the cockpit
  • Wear sturdy, enclosed shoes – no high heels

Fitness and Experience

  • No particular level of experience or fitness is required however, people who suffer from heart conditions and please consult your doctor before booking.
  • There are also height and weight restrictions on this one as there is limited room in the cockpit: Maximum height is 6 foot 4 inches and maximum weight is 130kg
  • No minimum age (with parent / guardian consent) or maximum! (The record is 84, left the walking stick at the gate)